31-Year-Old Woman is a Successful Entrepreneur Earning About $105K a Month Working ‘Just 2 Hours a Day’

Zack Love
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A successful woman found that making YouTube content could earn her enough income to quit her full-time job and focus on her content.

credit: Jasmine McCall

31-year-old Jasmine McCall loves what she does working for herself, but it wasn’t always this way. At one time, she worked a 40–hour-a-week job as a resource manager for Amazon. Now, she only works “two hours a day” and earns a substantially lot more.

She decided to start a side hustle to bring in some extra income to help offset childcare expenses every month.

The YouTube ‘Side Hustle’ Turned into the Main Hustle

Jasmine posted a YouTube video documenting how she increased her credit score from 495 to 820 by disputing inaccurate information found on her credit report. Her YouTube video went viral.

She wrote in her CNBC article:

“By May 2022, I was earning enough to quit my Amazon job to work on my side hustle.” -Jasmine McCall, successful entrepreneur (Source: CNBC)

Her husband left his engineering job also to help Jasmine focus on her new YouTube content business.

“From December 2022 to March 2023, we earned an average of $105,000 a month in passive income, mostly from digital product sales and YouTube ad revenue.” -Jasmine McCall, successful entrepreneur (Source: CNBC)

Jasmine’s successful YouTube channel is “Life with Jazzy Mac” and had 377,000 subscribers at the date of publication of this article.

An example of her YouTube content is “Stop Paying Collections 2023 & Charge Offs” (which can be viewed below).

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