57-Year-Old Mother & Entrepreneur Brings in Almost $130K in 2022 from Her Malibu Pasta Business

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5 min readSep 16, 2023

57-year-old Fiona Afshar quit her software programming job to discover and create a pasta business from her home called Fiona’s Pasta.

Fiona Afshar; credit: @cookingwithfiona on Instagram

57-year-old Fiona Afshar has a strong connection to food. She has a familial relationship with food that goes all the way back to living in Iran as a child. Her mother gave her a cookbook, which became a source of comfort for Fiona. She committed these special recipes to memory because just like it means throughout many world cultures, food means love.

She said:

““If you look at every culture closely, there’s always a form of pasta. It just like leaves a really warm feeling [of] comfort… The more we feed you, the more we love you.” -Fiona Afshar, Owner of Fiona’s Pasta

Fiona’s Backstory and How She Started Making Pasta

CNBC reported that Fiona’s father decided to move her and her three brothers when she was 9 from Iran to the U.K., and her father went back for her mother.

After graduating college Fiona moved to California, and pursued a career in writing software. There, she met her husband, Ali, and they started a software business together. She retired early to raise her three children, but when her oldest daughter went to college, she started to make pasta tutorials to teach her daughter.

Her instructional videos quickly became popular on social media. Her Instagram account is @cookingwithFiona and has 485,000 followers.

Due to the pandemic, Fiona began hosting virtual pasta-making classes in 2020 for $35 a person, with up to 100 people attending each class. She shared that people from all over the world attended her virtual classes.

Creation of Fiona’s Pasta and Her Pasta “Dough” Income

The popularity of these classes led to discussions with her brother and they created Fiona’s Pasta, her virtual store.

She said:

“As soon as he opened shop…



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