57-Year-Old Mother & Entrepreneur Brings in Almost $130K in 2022 from Her Malibu Pasta Business

Zack Love
5 min readSep 16, 2023

57-year-old Fiona Afshar quit her software programming job to discover and create a pasta business from her home called Fiona’s Pasta.

Fiona Afshar; credit: @cookingwithfiona on Instagram

57-year-old Fiona Afshar has a strong connection to food. She has a familial relationship with food that goes all the way back to living in Iran as a child. Her mother gave her a cookbook, which became a source of comfort for Fiona. She committed these special recipes to memory because just like it means throughout many world cultures, food means love.

She said:

““If you look at every culture closely, there’s always a form of pasta. It just like leaves a really warm feeling [of] comfort… The more we feed you, the more we love you.” -Fiona Afshar, Owner of Fiona’s Pasta

Fiona’s Backstory and How She Started Making Pasta

CNBC reported that Fiona’s father decided to move her and her three brothers when she was 9 from Iran to the U.K., and her father went back for her mother.

After graduating college Fiona moved to California, and pursued a career in writing…



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