A Successful Woman Entrepreneur is a Creative Director and User Generated Content Creator and Earns Six Figures with her Side Hustle Alone

Zack Love
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One woman started getting into user-generated content (UGC) for fun in 2014, and her passion turned into a profitable six-figure side hustle.

credit: Kelly Rocklein (Instagram)

A 28-year-old woman shares how she earns six figures with her side hustle on top of what she earns as a creative director. She does what she loves to do, and when you can do what you love, it’s not work.

Meet Kelly Rocklein

Insider reported that Kelly Rocklein is doing very well, considering she dropped out of college in 2015, so she could pursue a path of working part-time working in user-generated content (UGC) while holding down a steady job as a creative director.

Some in the field of UGC might also call themselves content creators. Kelly Rocklein specializes in paid media UGC, and is great at what she does.

Kelly Has a Knack for Content Creation

Kelly got into content creation in 2014 when she just started doing UGC and video editing for fun, but when she got a corporate job as a creative director, she learned that the professional term for content creator is UGC.

Up until 2016, Kelly focused on building a UGC portfolio while working part-time. After building a successful portfolio, she landed her first client, in less than eight months, and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a professional career as a creative marking professional. That’s when she got a full-time job at a digital marketing agency in 2018.

Her title: Senior Direct-Response Video Editor.

As Kelly worked at a digital marketing agency, she learned the ropes very quickly and became a marketing expert. She is now a full-time creative director for a brand and does UGC content creation as a side hustle.

Kelly’s 3-Second Strategy

As a UGC content creator, she creates ads that feel informal, like something you might see a friend posting, and her goal is to capture a person’s attention in the first three seconds.

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