California Woman Selling Novelty Gifts Gets Scammed on Zelle, Wells Fargo Denies her Claim in ‘Reverse Transaction’ Fraud

Zack Love
5 min readOct 3, 2022

A California Wells Fargo customer gets scammed on Zelle, and when she files a claim with her bank, they deny her claim because she initiated it.

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ABC 30 News reported about the ordeal that happened to Lisa Landry — a Wells Fargo customer from San Jose, California.

She was selling novelty gifts at a booth at the Cal Expo Winter Wonderland. She recalled it being a busy night, and she was processing business purchases using her personal Zelle account linked to her Wells Fargo account.

Lisa Landry Receives an Unexpected Phone Call from ‘Wells Fargo’

Amongst the chaos of the Cal Expo, she received a phone call.

The caller ID showed as “Wells Fargo” and the caller said he was from Wells Fargo. He was notifying her that someone was taking money from her bank account.

“I thought, ‘Oh my god one of these customers must’ve accessed my account, we’re on an open WiFi’… this could be happening, easily. I said to the guy, ‘How do I know you’re really the bank?’ He goes, ‘Check the caller ID, isn’t that the number on the back of your debit card?’ It was, it matched. So I kept talking to this person.” -Lisa Landry, Zelle scam victim (Source: ABC 30 News)

The man pretending to be a Wells Fargo employee told her she needed to act quickly, or she would lose her money.

“Oh my god whatever we have to do, we have to hurry, so I’m in panic mode.” -Lisa Landry, Zelle scam victim (Source: ABC 30 News)

Lisa was in an awkward predicament as she manned her booth at the Winter Wonderland expo, and the scammer is telling her she needs to act fast to reverse the fraud transactions, or she will “lose her money to a scammer.”

“I’m concerned about…

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