Maryland Grandparents Lose $38K in ‘Grandparent Scam’ Thinking Their Granddaughter Was in a Serious Car Accident

Zack Love
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Maryland grandparents received a frantic phone call from a woman claiming it was their granddaughter in need of help after a serious car accident. It was a scam. They lost a total of $38K in the scam.

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Two loving grandparents who were trying to help their granddaughter were played for fools when scammers ran the “grandparent scam” on them. The grandfather admits he is embarrassed by the whole thing and now has $38,000 less in his savings account only because he wanted to help his granddaughter.

It was not his granddaughter, but a scammer looking to steal their money.

The grandfather did not want his identity to be publicly disclosed, but he did speak anonymously to WJZ News 13 about the ordeal in an interview with his likeness blurred out.

Grandparent spoke to WJZ 13 News anonymously; credit: WJZ 13 News

Grandfather Interviewed by WJZ 13 News

The Maryland grandfather that was the victim of this scam was interviewed by WJZ 13 News reporter Linh Bui.

In the interview, the anonymous grandparent said:

“It’s [an] embarrassment and a total feeling of stupidity, and we walk around saying you know it’s right across our forehead saying ‘sucker, stupid, gullible’.”

Reporter Linh Bui: “How much money did you lose in all?”

The anonymous grandparent answered: “Thirty-eight thousand dollars.”

Reporter Linh Bui: “Do you think you’ll get that money back?”

The anonymous grandparent answered: “Absolutely not. Absolutely not. Umm, chalk that up to be loving grandparents, trying to help your grandchild.”

Here’s How the ‘Imposter Scam’ Went

WJZ 13 News reported that “the grandparents received a frantic phone call from a woman claiming to be his granddaughter and said she was in a serious car accident…

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