Positive News: ‘Hero’ School Bus Driver in Clark County Ohio Saves Student from Being Hit by a Passing Vehicle that Fails to Stop

Zack Love
3 min readFeb 27, 2023

Tecumseh Local Schools posted a video on Facebook of a “hero” bus driver that saved one of the students about to step off of the bus from a car.

Photo by Elijah Ekdahl on Unsplash

One school bus driver for Tecumseh Local Schools in Clark County, OH is being called a hero after her quick thinking kept one student from potentially getting hurt while getting off the school bus.

WDTN 2 News reported that school bus driver April Wise’s decisive action to yell and pull the student back to prevent him from getting hit by a vehicle that failed to yield with the school bus stopped.

Video: Hero School Bus Driver Saves Student from Danger

The video below was posted on the Tecumseh Local Schools Facebook page on 23 February 2023.

In the Facebook post accompanying the video, Tecumseh Local Schools wrote:

“We are feeling very grateful this evening for the alertness and quick actions of one of our amazing bus drivers. The video shows a car passing on the right as the bus was stopping to drop off a student. We did seek permission from the student’s parent prior to sharing in order to spread bus safety awareness and celebrate the driver’s actions. This is a reminder, please be cognizant of our buses on the road and never pass them.
Today our HERO drove a big, yellow school bus! Please share to raise awareness for bus safety.” (Source: Tecumseh Local Schools on Facebook)

‘Hero’ Bus Driver Received Recognition on Monday, 27 February 2023

Tecumseh Local Schools reported that “hero” bus driver April Wise will be congratulated and recognized personally on Monday morning after her bus route.

The child’s family is especially grateful for her heroics.



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