Real-Life Grand Theft Auto: Organized Crime Ring Uncovered in Detroit, Michigan After Postal Worker in Ohio is Robbed

Zack Love
4 min readOct 18, 2022

After a U.S. postal worker is robbed for his mailbox key, authorities find much more than just stolen mail. They find stolen cars and a crime ring.

Dodge Challenger; Photo by Haidong Liang on Unsplash

Some criminals have a need for speed.

Yahoo! News published a story reported by the Associated Press (AP) that all started when investigators started looking into careless thieves in the Ohio area.

Police Investigate into a Robbery and Find More

Police stopped Devin Rice on 31 January 2022, on suspicion of robbing a U.S. postal worker in Shaker Heights, OH for his mailbox key. They searched Rice’s car and found stolen credit and debit cards, fake checks, stolen mail, and stolen vehicles — a Dodge with a Hellcat engine, a Ram pickup truck, and a Range Rover. (Source: Yahoo!/AP)

Along with Devin Rice, Hakim Benjamin, Jaylen Harris, and Lavelle Jones were also charged with conspiracy and interstate transport of stolen vehicles, after being indicted in federal court in June 2022. All except Benjamin are also charged with mail theft and are expected to face trial in 2023. (Source: Yahoo!/AP)

After being caught, Jaylen Harris told the FBI that he and Lavelle Jones were contacting a crime ring in Detroit to get stolen vehicles and that these auto thieves “were selling to buyers in other areas, including Chicago and Indianapolis.” (Source: Yahoo!/AP)

In February 2022, Hakim Benjamin was driving a 2022 Dodge Challenger at 120 mph on Ohio State Route 2 until spike strips were laid down to stop him. Other cars with Hellcat engines have also been spotted traveling on Ohio State Route 2 at 140–150 mph that have eluded police. (Source: Yahoo!/AP)

AP spoke to Sgt. Jerry Hanna with the Macomb Auto Theft Squad.

He said:

“Thieves in the Detroit area are primarily going after Dodge vehicles with Hellcat engines, including Chargers and Challengers — ‘the fast ones.’…In the Detroit area they are selling them for like $3,500…



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