Successful 31-year-old Woman Makes $15,000 a Month and Works Only ‘3 to 5 hours a Day’ with Voiceover Work

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6 min readSep 4, 2022

Learn about a successful woman that left her stressful corporate job and forged her own path to success using her entrepreneurial spirit.

Alice Everdeen; Source:

As recent as two and a half years ago, Alice Everdeen worked as a content manager for a supplement company, with set hours and the stress that comes along with working 40 hours a week.

Working at an office didn’t fulfill Alice Everdeen. She pursued her own path, and it paid off.

In her story, Alice stumbled upon an opportunity by accident, and it turned out to set her on a path to financial freedom.

Alice Found a Side Hustle by Accident…and Quit her Full-time Job

Along the way, Alice found a money-making effort on the side, popularly known as a ‘side hustle,’ doing voiceover work for clients.

Her first actual voiceover gig was by accident.

In 2018, she worked for an advertising agency in Austin, TX. The agency wrote an ad for an Austin car dealership. She was performing her regular job when she read the ad out loud to the car dealership owners. They liked her voice so much, that they chose her to be the voice, rather than a different paid actor. It’s quite a fascinating story.

In all, she recorded 10 voiceovers for the ad agency for the Austin car dealership. This experience laid the groundwork for Alice when she decided to give the freelance services platform Fiverr a try in March 2020.

“I didn’t expect to make more than a couple hundred dollars per month…but in April [2020], I had a ‘holy s***’ moment. I was matching my take-home income.” -Alice Everdeen

(Source: CNBC)

In her first full month on the platform, she earned $3,500 — which is also how much she made at her full-time job in Austin, TX as a content manager for a supplement company.

“I’d get home from work and maybe work four…



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