Successful 36-Year-Old Woman Had $141 Million in Sales in 2021 from a Hobby that Was Turned into an Online Women’s Clothing Boutique

Zack Love
4 min readMay 27

A successful woman started a hobby of selling on eBay into a successful online clothing business that generated $141 million in gross sales in 2021.

credit: Tori Gerbig

A 36-year-old woman and mother are enjoying the success of her profitable business after many years of hard work.

Tori Gerbig started her hobby in 2011 with “about $300 to buy clothes and accessories from a wholesale website.”

In the beginning, Tori shared that “profits were anywhere between $300 to $1,000 per month.”

She wrote on her website:

“At the start of 2011, my husband Chris and I, like most working families, were working in corporate positions, and we were eagerly looking for a way to spend more time with each other and help repay our student loans.” -Tori Gerbig (Source: Pink Lily)

In 2013, Tori started a Facebook group to sell and market her clothes. There she developed loyal followers, including locally in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

She used $20,000 of the profits earned in 2013 to launch a website for her company, Pink Lily. Her website Pink Lily offers women's boutique clothing “built around style and beauty to celebrate and empower an inclusive community where every woman can have the confidence to be her true self.”

“With zero capital, together with Chris, we transitioned this passion project to an established website and business in 2014. Without funding or assurances of what was ahead, we took the risk and set ambitious goals. I focused on leveraging my sales and social media knowledge to grow our outreach while Chris incorporated his business strategy and finance expertise to structure our operations. We found ourselves alongside several recruited family members shipping hundreds of orders from our living room weekly!” -Tori Gerbig (Source: Pink Lily)

“In May 2014, we surpassed $100,000 in monthly revenue. After three years of…

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