Successful Entrepreneur ‘Makes Six Figures’ with her Tutoring Business & Teaches Others How to Start their own Tutoring Business

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4 min readMar 4, 2023

A young female entrepreneur earns ‘six figures’ tutoring students and teaches others how to start their own successful tutoring business.

credit: Sreeya Das

One young entrepreneur has found a lot of success tutoring Australian students in math and chemistry and is willing to share her wealth of knowledge on going from “zero to six figures within six months.”

Sreeya Das Earned Almost $23K Tutoring in the Month of February

Yahoo! reported that Sreeya Das earned $34k Australian dollars (almost $23,000 USD) in February 2023 from her tutoring business, and she wants to teach others how to start their own tutoring business.

Her business is Excel Academics, and her tutoring business personalizes a lesson plan for each student’s needs.

The website reads:

“After carefully analyzing your performance, goals and curriculum during our initial meeting over Zoom, we create a lesson plan tailored to your learning style and schedule, providing regular homework, mocks targeted at your weaknesses, and detailed reports to track your progress. Our lessons follow a scientifically proven framework and you will be mentored by tutors who have all been in your own shoes!” (Source: Excel Academics)

The tutors on Excel Academics are ranked within the “Top 5% of tutors in Australia.” Sreeya Das was a 2020 Australian Chemistry Olympiad Finalist, ranking 3rd in chemistry.

Sreeya is one smart woman and has stellar qualifications as well as the other tutors for hire at Excel Academics.

Sreeya Gives Excellent Biz Advice in TikTok Videos

Sreeya Das has a TikTok account @sreeyasdas and gives a lot of great tips in her videos encouraging others to start a business (if you are…



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