Successful Woman Entrepreneur Earns About $78,600 from 7 Income Streams in 2022 and Now She is a Full-Time YouTuber, Giving Financial Tips

Zack Love
5 min readDec 12, 2022

One successful woman in Canada is earning some serious income on the side on top of her full-time job to help her family in Nigeria. Here’s how.

credit: Reni Odetoyinbo

One woman shared financial tips on how to build wealth and started receiving a lot of direct messages on Instagram, demonstrating that people are interested in her content. She took it as a sign to build a platform on social media and has created 7 income streams in doing so. She is able to help family in Nigeria with her new wealth.

Meet Reni Odetoyinbo

Reni Odetoyinbo was working at her full-time job at The Bank of Montreal (BMO) in Canada when she stumbled across a lucrative way to create a brand on social media.

Business Insider reported that Reni Odetoyinbo posted in her Instagram stories about buying a house at age 23, and she instantly received 30 DMs from her 2,000 followers. They had questions, and she has answers.

So she polled her followers.

She asked her followers if they would like her to create a podcast on finance, a YouTube channel, or just post more stories on Instagram.

Her followers voted for her to create a YouTube channel “xoReni,” and the rest is history.

Reni posted her first video in 2020 on buying her first house. That video can be seen below.

Reni’s Wealth Building was Instilled to Save at a Young Age

Reni credits her parents and grandparents for teaching her at four years old the importance of saving her money. They opened an investment account for her and told her that she would deposit 50% of all of her gift money into this account.

Reni said:

“I’m very well aware of my privilege, because most people don’t have guidance like that from such a young age, “ she said. “I never want my audience to think I learned all this on my own.” -Reni Odetoyinbo (Source…

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