Texas Man Receives a Call From ‘Fraud Division.’ It was a Scammer That Steals Nearly $200K From Him

Zack Love
4 min readDec 10, 2023

A Texas man receives what he thinks is a phone call from Chase Bank’s fraud division, but it is a scammer who manages to steal nearly $200K from his trucking business checking account.

Chase Bank (stock photo) Greg Goebel; CC BY-SA 2.0 DEED

A Texas man is scammed out of nearly all of the money in his small business checking account, and now he’s struggling to keep his business going.

Anyone could fall victim to this type of scam if they are unaware of the dangers.

Unfortunately, it happened to this small business owner who thought it was his bank’s fraud department calling to check on a wire transfer he didn’t authorize.

Scammer Calls Texas Man Pretending to be Chase Bank’s Fraud Department

KPRC 2 News reported that Charles Haney of Cypress, Texas received a phone call on Thursday, 7 December 2022 after first receiving a text message about a “fraud purchase” in Florida.

credit: KRPC 2 News

Charles Haney thought he was on the phone with the fraud department, but he was really on the phone with a scammer. The scammer wanted to verify if he was paying for something in Florida.

He said to the person on the phone, “No, I’m not.”

Then the scammer “wanted to verify information relating to his account.”

Haney said:

“The only information I gave him was to verify what he was asking me.” -Charles Haney, Chase bank customer

The scammer already “knew some of the information, like account numbers,” but asked for additional info. that gave him enough to gain access to Haney’s business checking account and initiate four wire transfers for $42,000, $48,200, $53,495, and $45,000. A picture showing those transactions can be seen below.



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