Three Entrepreneurs Buy an Abandoned High School in Pennsylvania for $100k and Turn it into Luxury Apartments

Zack Love
4 min readOct 14, 2023

Three men with an entrepreneurial mindset buy an abandoned school listed on the National Register of Historic Places and have transformed it into beautiful luxury apartments.

Former Bishop Boyle H.S., now Bowtie High; Photo 1 credit: CNBC, Photo 2 credit: PA Historic Preservation

Have an abandoned building sitting around your neighborhood that’s not being used?

Three real estate investors brainstormed through many ideas and came up with an amazing idea to turn an abandoned Pennsylvania High School that has been vacant for 10 years into a 31-unit luxury apartment complex and breathe new life into a historic building after a $3.3 million renovation.

Bishop Boyle High School is a building (seen above) with a rich history in Homestead, Pennsylvania, located in the Homestead Historic District and was even listed in the National Register of Historic Places on June 10, 1990.

Bishop Boyle High School: A Brief History

Bishop Boyle High School was built in 1929 as a new school building for the Catholic community in Homestead, Pennsylvania.

Mid-20th Century photo of Bishop Boyle High School

PA Historic Preservation reported that “Bishop John J. Wright established the school when the St. Mary Magdalene grade school grew into the Bishop Boyle High School on April 14, 1962, becoming the parish’s first secondary school. One hundred fifty-five ninth graders entered the doors for their first day of school in September of 1962.” The school’s last year of service (as a high school) was 1987.

  • The building transitioned into the Bishop Boyle Career Center for individuals in the community who needed assistance finding jobs until 2001.
  • From 2002 to 2013, the building served as an educational facility for troubled youth.
  • The building remained vacant from 2013 until it was purchased in 2019 by Fourth Source, LLC, which is owned by Jesse Wig, Adam Colucci, and Dan Spanovich.
  • From 2021–2022 Fourth Source, LLC began a $3.3 million rehabilitation…



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