Two Long Lost Sisters Find Each Other from Ancestry DNA Testing and Spend Their First Thanksgiving Together in 2022

Zack Love
3 min readNov 25, 2022

Two sisters meet for the first time on Thanksgiving since finding out about each other. One sister lives in England and the other lives in North Carolina.

Amanda Brooks and Lisa Strang; credit WITN 7 News

Two sisters, separated by the Atlantic Ocean, are finally getting to meet after a 45-year-long search by one sister. They have been apart for 60 years.

Two Sisters Adopted by Two Different Families

WNCT 9 News reported that two sisters were born in England, and separate families adopted both.

One sister, Lisa Strang, was taken to the United States after birth, and now lives in Chocowinity, North Carolina. The other sister, Amanda Brooks, still lives in England.

Lisa Strang’s godmother lives in England and offered to help Lisa search for any family currently living in England. After 45 years of searching birth records and using Ancestry DNA testing, Lisa finally learned about a distant cousin who also was interested in genealogy.

They got in touch, and the connection paid off. This cousin was able to pinpoint someone that had a strikingly close match to Lisa Strang’s DNA. It turned out to be the son of her long, lost sister.

Amanda Brooks, from England, explained to WNCT 9 News.

She said:

“My youngest son had done Ancestry DNA to find out more about his grandparents…There was one particular morning, I was driving to work and my eldest daughter and my youngest son are sending me loads of texts: ‘mum mum mum please contact us, there’s a lady looking for you and she wants to talk to you.’” -Amanda Brooks, Sister of Lisa Strang (Source: WNCT 9 News)

Shortly after the finding, they connected in 2019 and had many Facetime calls.

in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. They were not able to meet at that time, but they would get that chance to meet in 2022.



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