Unidentified Person Donates a ‘Real’ Human Skull to Arizona Goodwill. Police: ‘No Crime Committed’

Zack Love
3 min readSep 8, 2023

Arizona police are called after someone left a human skull in a box of donated items at Goodwill in Goodyear. This prompted an investigation, and the skull was taken to the Maricopa County Medical Examiner’s Office.

A person holding a human skull by Tmava University on Unsplash

It’s not every day that Goodwill receives human remains, but an Arizona Goodwill found a human skull “with a fake eye” (seen in the picture below) in a donation box, prompting them to call the Goodyear Police Department.

A Real Human Skull Was Donated to Goodwill

Arizona’s Family 3TV CBS 5 News reported that a human skull was donated to Goodwill at 16480 W Yuma Road in Goodyear, Arizona (pictured below).

Goodwill Retail Store and Donation Center; by Serena Tapia

Jason Barry of Arizona’s Family CBS 5 News didn’t mince words about the “disturbing” donation.

He said:

“It is one of the most bizarre donations this Goodwill store in Goodyear has ever seen. A box of stuff with a human skull inside.” -Jason Barry, CBS 5 reporter

Sydney Steele, a customer of this Goodwill spoke to Arizona’s Family News about the incident.

Sydney Steele, Goodwill customer; by azfamily 3TV CBS 5

She said:

“I’ve never heard of anything donated like this, especially here, like, I come to this Goodwill all the time and I’ve never heard of anything that crazy being donated.” -Sydney Steele, Goodwill customer

A Goodwill employee who found the skull was concerned that the skull could belong to a missing person or…



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